Rules For Podcasting:

  1. Pick a Topic.
  2. Stay On-Topic.
  3. Wake The Fuck Up.
  4. Do NOT Put Me in a Coma.
  5. Do NOT Ramble.
  6. Keep it Short.
  7. Move Out of Your Parents' Basement.
  8. Do NOT Scream/Laugh into the Mic.
  9. Do NOT Drink Soda into the Mic.
  10. Talk at a Normal Tone of Voice. [Don't Drone-On.]
  11. Again, Wake the Fuck Up!
  12. Don't Be Boring!
  13. Get a Real Mic.
  14. Clean Your Room, BEFORE Podcasting!
  15. Turn-OFF All Notification Systems!
  16. Get Your Phone Away from the Mic.
  17. Update Your RSS Feed.
  19. Ask informative Questions Relevant to the Topic.